Roblox Removes Fall Guys Replicas From the Platform

September 1, 2020 11:20 pm

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been around for a few months now. The peculiar take on the Battle Royale genre in the form of an elaborate obstacle race won hearts and became famous in no time, and for good reason. Jelly-bean shaped players take part in what seems like a long obstacle race divided into multiple rounds. Their ultimate objective is to grab the crown at the end of the entire ordeal to win the match.

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Its immense popularity made it only gave it a matter of time before game creators on Roblox attempted to recreate on the platform. And Voila! They created not one, but three replicas of this popular game, namely, SlipBlox, DropBlox, and Fall Blox. Both these games gained great popularity, thanks to various YouTubers who played these games extensively on their platform.


Popular YouTuber Flamingo playing SlipBlox (Source: Flamingo YT)

Fun times slipped, fell or dropped with SlipBlox, DropBlox and Fall Blox on Roblox

Roblox, which celebrated its 14th birthday today, has been home to numerous Fall Guys renditions already. True, the renditions were not similar to the original. For example, Popular Roblox game Half-Blox 2 was created as a tribute to the classic Half-Life 2. It was as similar to the original as it could get, and still features in the catalog.

Thus, even though Half-Blox 2 is a replica of Fall Guys, it still has a semblance of uniqueness.


However, there has been some additional speculation regarding why the platform did not remove games like Half Blox 2. Primarily, the game is not as popular as Slip Blox, Fall Blox, and DropBlox, especially on YouTube. Famous YouTubers like Flamingo have covered these games extensively. Moreover, Fall Guys is a more recent game as compared to say, Half-Life 2.

However, this will not leave a dent on the popularity of the platform, which currently features over 40 million games.

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