Rocket League Championship Series X Is Bigger Than Ever

Published 07/05/2020, 12:11 PM EDT

Rocket League has grown into one of the most popular esports over the years. Ever since the RLCS was announced in 2016, the game’s fanbase has grown. This year, they are taking it to the next level. The RLCS will now be known as the RLCS X, which is a year-long tournament circuit. It has a prize pool of more than $4.5 million.


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Rocket League Series X New League Format

The RLCS X will feature a new kind of league format. The 4 regions in the tournament will be North America, Europe, Oceania, and South America. Take a look at the season format announced by the official website below:


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  • Three Splits constitute a full season (Fall, Winter, and Spring)

  • Each Split will feature three standalone Regional Events for both North America and Europe (six between the two regions for a total of 18 Regional Events per season)

  • All Regional Events will begin with an Open Qualifier on Battlefy

  • Each Split will culminate with a Major (three Majors per season)

All three Splits will showcase a different tournament format

  • The Fall Split is a 32-team tournament format
  • The Winter Split will be a 24-team format
  • The Spring Split will be a 20-team format
  • Regional Events will provide $100,000 in prizing per event

  • Majors will provide $250,000 in prizing per Split

  • The Rocket League World Championship will provide $1,000,000 in prizing

  • By the end of the season, more than $4,500,000 in prizing will be awarded across all regions “

Participating in each event earns you points that will facilitate your qualification for the World Championships. There is a $1,000,000 prize pool and the roster now consists of 16 teams; 6 from NA, 6 from EU, and two from Oceania and South America, each.


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RLCS X: The Grid

That is not all. RLCS X has also introduced something called ‘The Grid’. The official statement says

“Another big change to our competitive ecosystem is The Grid, a new weekly tournament circuit that brings top teams together to battle for Grid Points, prize money, better seeding, and a spot at the Majors. The Grid was inspired by the motorsport concept of ‘starting grids,’ and this league reflects that philosophy, with results informing RLCS Regional Event seeding and qualifying top-performing teams for RLCS Majors


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You can read more about it on the official RLCS website. Also, take a look at the video below to understand the league format better.

Not only is the league making big changes to the format and prize money, but also to the way fans will perceive the tournament. It is bigger, extensive, and much more inclusive which will allow both spectators and new competitors to be a part of the league throughout the year. Considering the current pandemic conditions, the RLCS X will be a much-needed source of respite and entertainment for the fans and we sure hope it manages to live up to the hype!



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