Federer on 2009 Wimbledon, “This is very special “

September 25, 2018 2:57 am

Its been nine years for the epic match which took place at the All England Club, where Roger Federer battled past Andy Roddick in the finals of the Wimbledon. Federer was playing for his 15th Grand Slam title and his wife was expecting their twin daughters. There were anticipations that she might get her labour pains during the final. “This is very special because of the situation with Mirka,” said Federer. “In fact, she thought she was going to go into labour during the match and so did I. I’m now going to be supporting Mirka.” Not only, Federer, but the match is also indelible for the tennis followers globally.

The last American to win a Slam, Roddick did lose to Federer that day but his admiration for Federer escalated even more since then. Roddick says, “there’s one quality that makes the 37-year-old Swiss truly special. His humanity”. His  5-7, 7-6 (6), 7-6 (5), 3-6, 16-14 excruciating defeat in his career refused Roddick to achieve his Wimbledon dream. However, the greatest server, Roddick earned recognition for the elegance which he displayed throughout the match.

The American still refuses to admit his loss in the English major and the thought is agonising for Roddick. “I get asked about that match, there are people that are big tennis fans who know about tennis and then there are people who talk to you at Starbucks. That match will forever be my Starbucks’ match” says Roddick.

“I get in line and, ‘Hey, man, tell me about that.’ ‘Alright, dude, throw some whip cream on that.’” Roddick continued. “I got to play the greatest of all time, on the greatest court of all time, in front of a great crowd who at the end of it showed their appreciation but then chanted my name. Who gets that? So my worst day in tennis was like what people dream about. Perspective just matters so much. I got along better with the general public and with fans after that match. It created a million mini-conversations that I’ll remember forever.”

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