Roger Federer: ‘I Would Love to Get to 100 Titles’

October 18, 2018 1:53 pm

Roger Federer has made it clear that he will be fighting for the big titles in 2019. The Swiss Maestro said that he still believes he has  a lot of gas left in his tank and is here to fight for the top titles next season. “I have already said it publicly”, said Federer. “The feeling is I can do it. As long as I enjoy myself and my family is fine, my wife is enjoying herself on Tour still. I am looking forward for what’s to come.”

Roger also said that he is fine if he does not win any of the titles in the next season. As long as he is having fun, he is going to continue playing. “If I am still on Tour it’s because I believe I can still win tournaments, I can still be the best, show that during the week and play at my best”, said Federer. “Australian Open, Wimbledon, US Open, that would definitely be an opportunity to win the 21st but I am also okay if it doesn’t happen. I think the last two years have been a dreamy-tale run for me, winning three Majors and I would love to get to 100 titles”, continued Federer. 

Federer also commented on the lofty expectations that people had at the beginning of his career. ”They said I was going to be the next Pete Sampras. I said I don’t want to be the next Pete Sampras, I want to be the first Roger Federer. You cannot copy the players. It’s nice to be the one and only Roger Federer”, said the Australian open champion.

Roger is expected to feature at the Basel Open next, and from there on in he will take a decision on the Paris Masters, which will be the last masters tournament of the season.

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