‘Roger Federer is very Aggressive’- Novak Djokovic


Novak Djokovic, who lifted two grand slam titles earlier this year at the Wimbledon championships as well as the US open, praised Roger Federer for the variety in his game. Djokovic also lauded Federer’s achievements throughout his career. However he said that despite his long and impressive resume, Djokovic does not let Federer’s history, wane his confidence.


“I don’t think about his history or his success or whatever too much when I’m on the court”, said the Serbian. “The success that he has had, says enough. He has won the most Grand Slams in history. He’s rated probably as the best player in history. He has won everything that a tennis player can win and he’s coming back for more”, said Djokovic.

“He has a lot of respect from me, from all the players”, he continued. “There is no question about it. But we are all rivals, we are all opponents”, emphasized Djokovic, highlighting the point that Federer’s tall achievements did not bother Djokovic when he stepped on to the court against Federer.


However Djokovic said that Federer’s game was really a balanced and all-round game. He said that Roger was one of those players that had all the shots in his artillery, and he could use those as he pleased. “He has a variety, great variety, in his game”, said the US open champion. “He uses his serve very well. He opens up the court. He uses that slice really well to get the balls to bounce low. He’s very aggressive at times”, said Djokovic. “He can defend well. He’s going to say better, but I think that grass courts are suiting his style of game the most”, he added.

Nole and Federer have both arrived at the Shanghai Masters 1000 event, and have already started hitting the first practice sessions. It will be an interesting event to watch, now that the Serb has closed in on Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer at the top of the ATP rankings.



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