Roger Federer:-“All These Records will be Broken Again”

Roger Federer

The announcement of Andy Murray’s retirement, has been a wake up call for all the tennis fans out there, who were dreaming of a year that would feature the ‘big four’ again. All things end, and this wonderful era of tennis, that has been dominated by Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray, is no different.

Everybody predicted that Roger Federer, would be the first of the four to hang up his shoes. However, the way that Roger Federer has been playing of late, it looks like he could actually make it to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. However, Roger Federer is not too optimistic about the idea of him playing for another couple of years, even though he has not completely ruled out his inclusion in the 2020 Olympics.

Roger Federer

In an exclusive interview with Bote, Roger Federer spoke about how his sole focus now was to just get through 2019 in a safe way, and then think about his plans for the 2020 Olympics. “I often spoke about it”, said Roger Federer. “This is too much far away, you know, now I want to play well this year and then (I’ll be) looking to 2020 at the end of the year”, he continued. “In the end it’s always important that my family is doing well, my body is doing well, wins are there- that’s why it’s (2020) too far away”, added Roger Federer.

The Swiss also recalled his fairy-tale of a 2017 season, where he recaptured the world number one spot on the ATP singles rankings. This set the record for the oldest world number one in the open era- a record that Roger Federer is immensely proud of. It was Andre Agassi, who had held the record back then. However, he very graciously recognizes the fact that records are meant to be broken, and that a day would come when his records would also be broken.

“I knew I had to win two Grand Slams for that”, said Federer, remembering the quest for the world number one spot in 2017. “Until it was not like this, I had not to speak about it…. Once I won the Australian(Open), I knew- now I have a chance, and I wanted to use it, or at least seeking it”, said Roger Federer.

Roger Federer
Wizard of Oz- Roger Federer

“Of course, all these records will be broken again and I am okay with it as well”, said the Swiss maestro. “But in that moment I was the oldest No. 1 and that was absolutely special for me, my team and fans. And it(the moment) stays”, said Federer.

“There are records you can get only when you are old and records you can only as a young guy like Borg, Chang or Nadal- these are things you can get once in a lifetime”, he added.

The young new-comers, who have been labelled as the ‘NexGen’, have done nothing to assert their authority yet. However, one cannot deny that there is indeed a change in guard taking place and 2019 may just be the year for the young guns.