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Roger Federer: “I Always Need Someone Around me”

Roger Federer: “I Always Need Someone Around me”

Roger Federer

Tennis is not just playing the matches and working hard on the training ground. There are a lot of other things that come as a package, that turn a sports-star into a celebrity. Roger Federer has certainly had his share of the limelight. While most of the players shy away from the cameras and the press, Federer is known to be quite at ease with people. Federer revealed that he loves it when is among more people.Roger Federer

 I do not like to be alone. I always need someone around me. Then I am happy”, said Roger Federer. “Mirka is very different than me,” he continued. “I remember well that she was often telling me that she was going to the city. Then I asked her who she was going with and she said: “Alone”. I asked: “Alone?” That’s terrible, walking alone”, he laughed. “But she said that got her relaxed and was totally okay with it. For me, it’s impossible to walk alone.”

“I am old school, I like to phone sometimes, but otherwise, I like to be among people. The greatest joy for me is when I stay with my family and friends”, said Federer. Federer also talked about how he has now joined all the social media platforms, having been absent from them for almost ten years. “I am happy to have spent the first ten years of my career without social media, now many athletes feel they need to do it. I do not like it”, said Federer. “It’s important to be authentic, yourself.People would immediately look at you if you are on a sponsor trip. I find beautiful to follow people who interest me.”Roger Federer

Federer also said that he keeps his children away from the social media as much as possible. “I know, it would be easy to give them a mobile phone”, he said. “But I would like to make it happen as late as possible, so that they grow like me. Yeah, they have a very different life but I may give them a little bit more normality. I do not want to be totally contrary on it, the mobile phone gives us a lot of advantages. But it’s clear that you have to be careful”, emphasized the maestro.


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