Roger Federer

Roger Federer and Belinda Bencic triumphed over the Great Britain’s duo of Norrie and Boulter in their mixed doubles rubber, in straight sets at the Hopman Cup. However, Boulter managed to get the better of Roger Federer on a particular point, where she took aim at Roger Federer. Federer, knew it was coming though and took evasive action, just in time. Watch the video below.

In their post match on-court interview Federer and Bencic revealed their plans on the New Year’s Eve, with Federer also taking a jab at the time that women take to dress up for a party. “I’m gonna Party!”, said Belinda Bencic when asked about her plans for the New year’s Eve. Roger Federer, meanwhile joked about how even a bow-tie was a big deal for men. “They(women) have it very complicated, as you know”, he said with a laugh. “So many different types of dresses, you know we go in a suit and we put a bow-tie and that is a big deal for us! Whereas with them….not so easy”, said Roger Federer laughing.

Federer also joked that he was hoping that Bencic would reveal a few tips about how to beat Serena Williams, before their mixed doubles rubber on Wednesday against USA.


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