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Roger Federer Answers Personal Questions

Roger Federer Answers Personal Questions

Roger Federer

Roger Federer and Belinda Bencic secured a 2-1 victory over United States at the Hopman Cup earlier today. The pair of Federer and Bencic, are fast becoming the crowd favorite, owing to their good understanding on the court as well as perfect chemistry off-it.

The pair was asked a few tough questions at a fun quick-fire round at the Hopman cup, and they gave some interesting answers. Here’s what Roger Federer was asked.

Roger Federer

Favorite Holiday Spot?

Federer:- “Maldives”

Friendliest opponent?

Federer:- (thinks for a while) “Stan Wawrinka!”

Favorite Number?

Federer:- “Eight”

Funniest Player on Tour?

Federer:- “Gael Monfils!”

Favorite Snack?

Federer:- “Chocolate”

Last movie?

Federer:- “The Predator”

First Pet’s Name?

Federer:- (tries to remember)”Flacky the cat and I had a small rabbit as well…”

Describe Belinda Bencic in one Word?

Federer:- “Cute!”

Your Dream Mixed Doubles Partner?

Federer:-(Looks at Belinda Bencic) “Belinda!”

Belinda Bencic was also asked the same number of questions but different ones. Here’s what she had to say.

Roger Federer

Favorite City?

Bencic:- “New York”

Toughest Opponent?

Bencic:- Venus Williams

Favorite Color ?


Strangest habit?

Bencic:-“My superstitions”

Preferred Nickname?

Bencic:- “Belly”

Favorite Meal?


Standard Breakfast?


Last Concert?

Bencic:- “Beyonce”

Describe Roger Federer in one word?

Bencic:-“(Nervous) This is too much pressure!….’Friendly’!”

Your Dream Mixed Doubles Partner?

Bencic:-“(Looks offended) Roger!!”

The pair are still in contention to win the Hopman Cup, and will face Greece in their next tie.

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