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“Roger Federer Did This To Me For 12 Years” – Andy Roddick

“Roger Federer Did This To Me For 12 Years” – Andy Roddick

Anyone who has played Roger Federer will know that he is the toughest to beat. For the most part, he is able to beat his opponent with sheer skill but some times he employs certain tricks. Check out the trick he used against Andy Roddick.

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The Trick Roger Federer Used Against Andy Roddick

On Tennis Channel, Andy Roddick talked about what Roger Federer would do on his second serve. He said,

“Against Roger, I would try to run around his second serve. And he would pull the string and do a slice cut serve. I guess I was quarter of a second early and for 12 years he just kept doing this to me. He would keep his eyes on me for a longer time than most players to see where I was moving.”

Andy Roddick said he kept falling for this until he realized what was happening. He went on to reveal what happened when he did. He said,

“So after some time, somehow this trick got leaked and I realized what I was doing wrong. In the last few matches, we played I was cranking second-serve returns. And Roger gave me a look that said, ‘oh, you know now’ ‘”

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I guess Roger Federer could not use the trick forever but he did make good use of it. He leads Andy Roddick in their head-to-head 21-3 so I think the trick he used worked out very well.  And I am sure Roddick will hate himself for not figuring it out earlier as he could have won more matches against Roger.

While Roger Federer did use a trick here, he doesn’t need one most of the time. He wins his matches by the amazing skill that he uses to play a wide variety of shots that hurt his opponent. And he will keep winning matches like this in the future once the ATP tour returns from its suspension.




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