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Roger Federer Does Not Want Nastiness From Fans on Social Media

Roger Federer Does Not Want Nastiness From Fans on Social Media

Roger Federer

Whenever, the Swiss maestro, Roger Federer plays a tennis match more than 80 percent of the crowd is rooting for him. He’s delighted for the pleasant support, but he doesn’t really appreciate the notion behind ‘fans wars’ on the Social Media platform and the tennis followers getting engaged in futile debates.

“I appreciate them always being behind me, to be honest. All I expect is that they have fair play towards the other players. I feel like they are. Social media can’t always control it, but also there I really want to see a good, being nice to one another and not being nasty. No, I’m definitely very lucky to have this kind of support,” said Roger Federer.

World Number three, Federer is pleased to have such a fan base and the stadia brim during his matches as people turn up in huge numbers. I’m very happy. It’s very helpful to stay motivated on the tour, to walk out and feel like it’s a dream come true for maybe many people or my fans who haven’t gotten a chance to see me again, and for those who have seen me play already, it’s another one, maybe another one or maybe not,” he added.

Roger Federer

“So it really feels like a lot of these fans come out and maybe feel like it’s maybe the last time they see me. I’m not sure. I feel like it’s been that way for a few years now, but I keep going and I appreciate them always being behind me, to be honest,” the Swiss continued.

The only time where he felt where he did not receive enough support was during the London Olympics 2012 finals where he was battling against the British tennis player, Andy Murray. “Last time I didn‘t feel I have the crowd fully behind me was probably back in 2012 in London at the Olympics vs Murray,” Federer said.

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer

On Thursday, Roger Federer will play the most anticipated match of the ATP World Tour Finals 2019. The Swiss legend sets up the re-match of Wimbledon 2019 finals as he takes on his age-old nemesis and the reigning finalist, Novak Djokovic. Interesting, the victor of the match will reserve their spot in the semifinals of the O2 event in London, UK.

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