Roger Federer

While Novak Djokovic, has been hogging all of the spotlight, Roger Federer has been quietly moving under the radar, and has started his 2019 season, in flawless fashion. The Swiss led his country to yet another Hopman cup victory, alongside his compatriot Belinda Bencic. Federer has already arrived in Melbourne, and is gearing up to defend his Australian Open crown.

Roger Federer
Roger Federer and Bencic triumph at the Hopman Cup

The Swiss maestro has defied the number of candles on his birthday cake, and has been producing some of the finest performances in his career, as he has grown older. Like a wine that grows better as the time flies by, Federer has been producing the goods as if he has been growing younger. However, Roger Federer, says that he is immensely grateful for his family to look after all the other things, that come as a package when you are a tennis player, so that he gets to focus on his game,without any distractions and complications.

“People like to talk about what I do and how I do it”, said Roger Federer, while he as talking to the press in Perth. “But without the support team and without the family, without the coaching team, this would not be possible”, he added.

Roger Federer

“There’s just too much going on in terms of organisation, preparation, planning and everything”, continued Federer. “We try our very best and I can also prioritize very well so I help in the process but for the most part I also need people who motivate me along the way to make it all work”, said Roger Federer.

Federer dropped praises on his family for putting up with his busy schedule and excess travelling. “Mirka is great”, said Federer. “We’re really enjoying ourselves on the road, last year on the road was really busy- especially at the end”, said the Swiss Maestro. “Our girls told us that it was the funniest year that they had ever had but next year we’re gonna slow it down for them a little bit”, he said.

“It’s always going to be family first and then tennis after”, said Federer. “But, of course, I can still mix it up very well and as long as the kiddies are happy and Mirka is ok with the travelling and the results are there- I’m happy to continue” , said the maestro. Roger Federer is vying to win his 100th career title, and it would indeed be a special moment for him if he were to win it in at the Australian Open 2019.