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Roger Federer Hopes Injured Rivals get Back on Court

Roger Federer Hopes Injured Rivals get Back on Court

Roger Federer is preparing for his third consecutive finals on the tour this weekend as he comes up against the defending champion John Isner in the Miami Masters finals.

But Roger Federer feels the ATP circuit is of higher quality with his arch-rival Rafael Nadal fully fit. Federer also backed up Andy Murray and Juan Martin Del Potro to overcome their injuries.

The 37-year-old defeated Canadian Denis Shapovalov 6-2, 6-4 in the semi-finals. He will be hoping to be better of the defending champion John Isner to conquer his 101 titles on the ATP tour. Roger Federer reached the century mark at the Dubai Championships before losing to Dominic Thiem in California earlier this month.

His journey to the finals in Miami was a bit easier with Nadal out due to a knee injury. The Spaniard had to pull out of the semi-final match against Roger Federer at the Hard Rock Stadium.

Nadal, Del Potro, and Murray are the three biggest players sidelined at present due to fitness issues. While Nadal is hitting the clay court to practice for the clay season, there is still no clarity at the moment about the return of Del Potro and Murray.

The 20-time grand slam champion hopes to see them back on the tour, overcoming their long term injury.

Roger Federer

In an interview, Roger Federer said: “What I feel is that I wish them the best, but it’s part of the game. You know, I can’t play them all. We have so many highlights. There is no substitute for us. If we are not feeling well, we can’t play. So we just have to wait it out.”

Roger Federer feels there is always a room for a comeback on the tour. He added, “the good thing about the ATP Tour is you can always come back, because the tour goes from January to November, and you have 15-plus years on the tour.

So regardless of their injuries, you know, they will come back, and I hope when they do come back they will be very strong like the last few times.” 

Roger Federer shared some memorable moments with Nadal, Murray and Del Potro. Apart from being a long-time rival on the court, the Swiss are also a very good colleague to the three, off the court. Roger Federer expressed his heartfelt wishes for Andy and Delpo for a faster recovery.

“With Andy in particular now, you know, with the uncertainty about his hip, I just really wish him the very best. With Juan Martin, I think he will find a way back which I’m confident he will.”Roger Federer said.

He added, “Rafa is already practicing on the clay. So that was just disappointing that the match didn’t happen in Indian Wells, but, you know, it’s definitely a better tour with them. But there is also exciting stories when they’re not around fortunately for the tour, unfortunately for them.”

In conclusion, Roger Federer said, “But I still think they all will be back this year at some point, hopefully, and the year-end hopefully will be incredibly exciting.”  

Roger Federer

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