Roger Federer:-“I need Almost Three Slams at this Level”

Roger Federer

Roger Federer is the clear favorite to win the title at the Miami Open 2019. Despite a disappointing Australian Open 2019 campaign, Federer has made the finals of two consecutive ATP masters 1000 tournaments. In a tournament that has highlighted the rise of the exciting new youngsters, Roger Federer has yet again proved why the old guard are still the people to beat.

With a fourth title at the Miami Open in sight, Roger Federer revealed that he is not at all concerned about the race to achieve the world number one spot. He specified that he is aiming to win tournaments and regaining the world number one position is no more his top priority.

“World No. 1 is going to be very difficult”, said Roger Federer. “For that I need almost three (grand)slams at this level, right now, in the same calendar year”, said Roger Federer. “That’s just going to be very difficult. I think it’s not reasonable to think that way at 37”, he added.

Roger Federer

Roger Federer recognizes the fact that he will need to be at a much more higher level and will need to play more tournaments in the ATP calendar, to give himself a shot to knock Novak Djokovic of his perch. “I think it was one of my favorite moments in my life
last year in Rotterdam when I was able to get back to World No. 1 at 36, having won the Australian(Open) and Wimbledon, that being in the same year, and winning the Sunshine Double(BNP Paribas Open and Miami Open) and all that stuff”, said Roger Federer. “It just aligned itself beautifully”, he continued. “And then in Rotterdam and then again
in Stuttgart. Those were special times for me”, says the Swiss maestro.

Roger Federer

Novak Djokovic is yet another reason why Roger Federer thinks that the world number one is a far away shot. The way the Serb turned around his 2018 season, and the head start he has received after capturing the title at the Australian open in January, has prompted Roger Federer to reset his priorities. “World No. 1 is so far away, and Novak(Djokovic) just won three slams”, said Roger Federer. “I think it would be a bit of a joke if I said that was my goal”, he said with a smile.

While playing clay might help him accumulate some points, it will also mean that he will be spending more energy than he has in the past year, and will have to readjust his schedule. However, Federer will put these thoughts out of his head as he turns his attention to the finals of the Miami Open 2019 now, as his waits to face John Isner, in what should be an enticing affair.