Roger Federer – “I Would Like to Learn Ice Hockey”

Roger Federer

Recently, in an interview with USA today, Roger Federer bared his soul on a number of subjects. Topics ranged from his achievements to his rivalry with Rafael Nadal to his 100th victory. The Swiss tennis star is currently playing in the Indian Wells Masters.

Speaking to USA Today, he said, “Yeah, I’m trying to keep it open when I’m done, just to have options. I have a family, which is my priority as you know. I just want to make sure that always comes first and for that I have to have as free as schedule as possible.”

Roger Federer

“I’m just really happy that Mirka (his wife) and myself keep a great group of friends around ourselves throughout this 20-year career. I’m not worried when I’m sitting at home that I’ll be there alone. We have great friends and family. Can’t wait as well for that to come around.”

In conclusion, Roger Federer said, “I would like to start doing all the sports as well because I put all that aside. I would like to start to ski again, like to pick up an instrument again, learn how to skate and learn ice hockey. I still have a lot of things I’d like to do.”

Te Swiss ace is currently aiming to clinch his 21st career Grand Slam. Coming back to Federer’s fondness for Ice Hockey, Canada’s Denis Shapovalov was asked about Federer’s skills on the rink.

The Canadian admitted, “I think Roger Federer would have been unreal at any sport he chose”. Roger Federer was even invited to the locker room of the LA Kings Ice Hockey team. It was an experience that the former World Number 1 felt was surreal.