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Roger Federer – “I’m Not Going to Come Out on Social Media”

Roger Federer – “I’m Not Going to Come Out on Social Media”

Roger Federer

The Swiss tennis ace, Roger Federer has arrived in Madrid to kick start his clay season at the Spanish Masters. Mutua Madrid open 2019 is his first tournament since his Miami Open 2019 eminence and he has just lost two matches this year. 

The three-time Mutua Madrid Open champion, Roger Federer will be opening against the victor of Richard Gasquet or Davidovich Fokina, and Novak Djokovic and Juan Martin del Potro have been drawn in the same half as Roger Federer.

Besides that, Roger Federer opened up regarding the tennis politics which has been prevailing on the ATP circuit for a while now. The present ATP chief, Chris Kermode wouldn’t be continuing with his post after 2019. There are a few ATP men who want him to serve the board and on the contrary, some professional tennis players expect Kermode to step down from his post.

“I don’t know exactly the process when the votes are happening, when the new CEO, all this stuff gets decided. But anyway (Kermode) should maybe be put back in the mix,” Roger Federer mentioned at the Mutua Madrid Open. “But then again I don’t know if he would want to be after everything that happened. Sometimes when these things happen, it is like ‘Okay, I had a good run, and it’s okay to go’.”

Roger Federer
Stan Wawrinka

A few days ago, the multiple-time Grand Slam champions, Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka voiced out on Justin Gimelstob’s ordeal. In addition to that, Wawrinka also disclosed the loopholes on the men’s tennis tour through a letter to ‘The Times’

World Number three, Roger Federer is contented with Gimelstob’s decision of stepping down from the board. “I think it’s definitely the right move by Justin. He needs to go back and figure things out. There is no doubt about that. And the Tour needs to keep moving forward in these challenging times and important times right now,” Roger Federer continued.

The Swiss player believes that Gimelstob should look into the dilemma, introspect and set things straight. “I was speaking also to some of the players on the Council to get a feel where they were standing when everything was brewing and I’m happy that the decision was taken by Justin and that now we can move forward and really like learn from what had happened also,” Roger Federer said.

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Roger Federer
Roger Federer

With Wawrinka criticizing the ATP board and other elite tennis professionals addressing on Gimelstob’s issue, comparatively, Federer kept quiet during the entire hustle and conveyed his disengagement over the issue in Madrid.

“Well, I’m not going to come out on social media and all of a sudden comment on stuff, you know,” Roger Federer continued. “And I was not in the press. If I would have been at an event, you could ask asked me. But I was home. Nobody knocked on my door. Then I would have given my comment.”

Roger Federer concluded with a note that he was not around and he couldn’t really open up on the matter. He believes the mistakes committed in the past serve as a learning and help to proceed in the right direction.

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