“Roger Federer is Timeless”- Sebastian Vettel

December 19, 2018 2:25 pm

Sebastian Vettel, who has been one of the prominent names in the world of Formula One, adulated Roger Federer, and said that he has revered the tennis legend for a long time. Roger Federer has been turning up the heat, as he ages, and has surprised everyone with the success he has achieved in the later parts of his career. This has impressed the Ferrari driver, and has placed Roger Federer in a special place in his heart.

“He is the symbol of aesthetics and perfection in sports”, said Sebastian Vettel. “Roger Federer is timeless”, he continued. “There are rules that are for everyone, but it seems that with him it’s different- he is simply great at 37″, said Vettel.

Robert Kubica‘s return to professional racing, was another topic on which the German spoke about. “I am happy for him”, said Vettel. “Because no one can imagine how difficult was for him, for what he went through? 

Vettel is not the only Formula one racer that looks up to the Swiss Maestro. Lewis Hamilton is yet another formula one racer, who has revered the great man, and has looked up to him during his tough times. 

“I always come back to talking about Roger Federer, but he’s a great example,” said the Mercedes driver. Hamilton praised Roger Federer, for his perennial desire to keep winning, despite the amount of success he has achieved throughout his career.“He has managed to become the world No 1 again. He is a happy family man, he is very wealthy, but still, he has this tremendous inner drive to reach new heights”, said Lewis Hamilton.“Maybe that’s really a sign of greatness.”

“You evolve when you get older, when you gain wisdom”, added Hamilton. “And when our strength decreases, I suppose that our perception towards perfection changes again.”

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