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Roger Federer News- Swiss Gets his Revenge at Hopman Cup

Roger Federer News- Swiss Gets his Revenge at Hopman Cup

Roger Federer

The defending Hopman Cup champion Roger Federer blasted past Alexander Zverev in an hour and nine minutes, to secure a 4-0 start to his 2019 campaign. Despite Alexander Zverev’s threatening words before the match, it was Roger Federer who dominated from the start, reading and returning Zverev’s serve with efficacy, and taking the pace off it.

The maestro has made a statement, by winning all his singles matches here at the Hopman Cup. “It seems to be really working out well for me you know, no kidding!”, said Roger Federer. “I am just happy I am feeling as good, and playing as good as I am and really enjoying myself…I think the people here in Perth and Australia, know how much this place means to me, and I cant thank you guys enough”, he added.

Speaking about Zverev, Federer commented- “He had a wonderful end to the season, you know, beating me and Novak(Djokovic) back to back, that was a great effort by him, you know at the end when only the best are still remaining and you know he tried to squeeze out the last bit of energy so that was an amazing effort by him.”

However, Federer feels that this match was a good test for him and that, he is feeling really good about his chances going into the Australian open 2019. “It was a good match for me, no doubt about it, and I think I served really well, and the conditions are really quick so when you string together a nice serve-and-volley game, like I did today, its always going to be tough for any opponent, and i think Sacsha struggled, and I made the most of it”, said Roger Federer.

Roger Federer also spoke about how the sport now has so many tall players on the tour, who have some booming serves, and how the times have changed through the years. “Its not fair but its is what it is….I dont know were eating a lot of vegetables i guess, you know and we’re all growing”, he said with a smile. “But what is striking me quite a lot, that the moment you have a guy like 6’2 back in the day- that was a serve and volley player. Nowadays the big guys move unbelievably quick, they’re able to slide on the court. When i came on the court, people would say ‘are u crazy why are u not serve-and-volleying with that kind of a serve’, but you know with these changes I had to adapt my game accordingly, the first ten years I have played a certain way, and the second ten years I have played differently, because of those big guys, like Novak, I think hes also like 6’2 or 6’3, and he moves unbelievably well, so its really impressive to see the big guys moving this well”, said Roger Federer

Federer, will head into Melbourne with maybe a slight advantage over the rest of the top players, having been flawless in his build up to the Australian open 2019.




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