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Roger Federer On Climate Change Before Greta Thunberg’s Accusations

Roger Federer On Climate Change Before Greta Thunberg’s Accusations

Roger Fedrer and Greta Thunberg

The Swiss maestro Roger Federer found himself amidst a major controversy after young climate activist Greta Thunberg took a dig at him for his involvement with Credit Suisse. Federer has finally responded to Greta.

Roger Federer, who has become a role model throughout the world, is even more revered in his home country. Federer is a national hero in Switzerland. Obviously, all his actions are closely monitored as they create precedents.

Why then is his involvement with Credit Suisse problematic?

Why Is The Involvement Of Roger Federer With CS Being Questioned?

Credit Suisse has invested $57 billion in fossil fuels such as coal and fracking over the past three years. This is significantly more than any Swiss bank.

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A group of Swiss activists put Federer in the centre of the picture for promoting the ludicrous activities of the bank.

However, in the light of these events, it becomes extremely important for us to understand the opinions that Roger Federer has held in the past about climate change.

What Does  Federer Think About Climate Change?

Roger Federer has not commented on his CS involvement so far. However, Federer did talk to BLICK about climate change in Dubai in December.

“For me as a good tennis player who travels a lot, the issue is very sensitive. We live a completely abnormal life, I know that I cannot be a ‘normal’ role model in this regard. I can hardly say to everyone “Be careful”. And then fly back to Australia. At the same time, I can hardly bring all grand slams to Basel.”

Roger Federer also talked about whether he experiences any shame for frequent air travel.

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“Yes and No. If I choose yes, I have to end my career immediately. Mirka and I definitely try to respect environmental principles at home and when travelling and to make our children familiar with them.”

However, the climate activists targeting Federer are not concerned with his air travels. “It is always difficult for us to accuse individuals and at the same time point out general problems. The emissions from flights in world sports, for example, are negligible compared to what the financial center causes.” says Climate activist Gigerl. 

Roger Federer’s response, as and when it comes, will be very crucial to understand if he can back up his words with actions. The Swiss star is all set to become a billionaire on the back of his hefty sponsorships.

Do you think Roger Federer will end his association with Credit Suisse?


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