Roger Federer Opens Up On His Favourite Titles

Roger Federer
Roger Federer lifts his 100th crown in Dubai

As the celebrations for the ATP title century of the Swiss maestro, Roger Federer continues with the tennis legends all over the world bestowing him their felicitations, the 2019 title in Dubai manifests, Federer’s life-long and deep-rooted relationship with tennis and also his prolonged and paramount service to the ATP tour. With no time to commemorate the mystical milestone of his career, Roger Federer, subsequently takes a flight to the upcoming masters event, since it’s California calling for the next few days.

The victory in Dubai against Stefanos Tsitsipas is certainly an indelible moment for the World Number four, Roger Federer and also this win of the GOAT tennis player will be engraved amongst the Federer fans forever. Besides his memorable success at the Emirati event, there are other few instances from the ATP tour which are close to the maestro’s heart.

Roger Federer
Roland Garros 2009: Federer completes his Career Slam

Roger Federer believes, his victory in the drizzling ambience of Paris in 2009 led him to conclude his quest for the Career Slam. And, yes of course for a professional tennis player their first title and the moments for that win are always precious. “Roland Garros 2009, it was huge,” Roger Federer reminisced. “I also remember Hamburg 2002 when I arrived in the top 10 and I beat Marat Safin in the final. This title was totally unexpected. My first title is obviously special, too.”

At the beginning of professional tennis, Roger Federer did not have any optimistic thoughts about winning just an ATP title. He was initially hit by a breeze of fear about not succeeding in a professional contest. “I’m not kidding, but at one point in my career, I was afraid of never winning a tournament because I had lost my first two finals quite dramatically. In Marseille, I lose in the tie-break of the third set against my friend Marc Rosset. I am in tears and he tells me not to worry, that I will gain others. And then Basel, at home. I really wanted to win it, and I lost 6-1 in the fifth set,” Roger Federer mentioned.

Roger Federer
Hamburg 2002: Roger Federer beats Marat Safin for first Masters 1000 title

The Swiss champion, Federer was gratified upon receiving his premiere accolade in Milan, Italy. “And then there was Milan 2001 where I finally won,” he continued. “I knew I would not finish my career being this guy who never won anything. What a relief!”