Roger Federer : “I am Close to Traditional Tennis”


Roger Federer survived a second round thriller in Shanghai yesterday, as he fended off Daniil Medvedev in three tight sets. The Swiss maestro will remain world number two if he reaches the finals and Djokovic does not. Federer has surprised everyone on the tour by improving his game as he has turned older.


Federer’s aggressive style of tennis has been a wave of freshness, in an era where the courts have been slowed down, which has increased the number of players who prefer to remain on the baseline. However Federer says that most of the top guys have an all-round game, and are equally good at the net as much as they are at the baseline. “do not see myself as the last one to play this kind of tennis”, said Federer. “The game changed a lot since when I came on the Tour and there were players like Sampras. I feel I am very close to that classic and traditional tennis. Today everyone is so strong, they serve well, they play at the net, on the baseline, they move well”, he added.



The Australian Open champion as said that it was highly unlikely that they would see the 90’s style of tennis being played in the near future. “Tennis became more running sports than a talented one”, said Federer. “Being talented does not pay off in tennis now, it’s the work that brings you to the top. In 20 years you may play in another way but in the short-term future I don’t think we will be back to 90s in terms of game style”, he added.

Federer also said that he is not as ‘perfect’, as everyone says he is. “At this point in my life, I want to do what I really like to”, said Federer. “I do not want to paint myself as a perfect person. It’s true that I am an educated, respectful person and I am aware to be an example for kids. So if it brings yourself to think I am perfect; the truth is that I am not”, added the Swiss maestro.



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