Roger Federer is gearing up for the season end, as he features at the Shanghai Masters 1000 event this week. The Swiss maestro is also set to appear at his home tournament in Basel later, after which he will head to the ATP world tour finals. Federer is well rested and ready for the last few tournaments of the year. “I have had also some rest after the US Open,” said Roger. “I feel like I’m where I want to be and there is still, obviously, some goals left for the season.”

“I’m just really happy that I’m healthy”, said Roger. “I have won another (Grand) Slam again this year. I always say when you win a Slam in any season, it’s actually a very good season already. So, I feel like there is still a lot more to play for.”


“I like this part of the season,” Federer said. “It’s always been a good (swing) for me. Maybe the conditions get faster, I’m not sure. It’s helpful I have a home tournament [the Swiss Indoors Basel, on the surface] and the ATP Finals. I have been very successful, so clearly I hope for something similar again this year”, he added. “Last year was a fairy-tale from start to finish, basically. It was just a small disappointment at the end, at the [Nitto] ATP Finals. But he (David Goffin) also came out and played a great match”, he added.


Federer was also asked a few personal questions to which he gave some surprising replies. He was asked what he was like when he had just about chosen his career in tennis. “Sometimes I was too strict”, says Federer. “I was looking for perfection and if I did not manage to get one thing, I got nervous. There were times when I had blonde and long hair, with or without the beard, but I was always disciplined. When my parents told me “You have to get home within midnight”, I was at home at midnight. If I were ten minutes later, I was straightaway calling. You know, in some ways I was already very professional.”

He was also asked if he ever thought of the scenario of what he might have done in his life he would have not chosen tennis as his career. “No. I am a very opened mind person and I would have definitely found something else”, said Federer. “My dream was to be a tennis player. I was an average student. I was not focused as my thought was always tennis. It was about motivation”, he adds.




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