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Roger Federer Picks His Favorite Wilson Racquet

Roger Federer Picks His Favorite Wilson Racquet

Roger Federer has changed several models of the Wilson racquet in his 21-year-old career and it is difficult to pick the best model as he has achieved much success with each one of them. However, Federer picked some of his favorite racquets, he has played in his entire career.

Roger Federer has been using Wilson racquets since he was a child and he has gone on to win 20 Grand Slams titles with them. He also completes 21 years with the racquet sponsor as the Basel native has played with Wilson racquets throughout his 21-year-old career so far.

Roger Federer began with a Pro Staff 85 6.0 Mid-Production in 1988, the same racquet which his idol Pete Sampras was using. Federer revealed in a video posted by Wilson tennis that he started to use this ‘heavy’ racquet when he was very young and is one of his favorites racquets.

Talking about his first racquet while he started playing as a pro, Roger Federer said: “This racquet is the classic Wilson Pro Staff that Sampras and Edberg played with, I think also Jim Courier. Federer revealed that he started to use this ‘heavy’ racquet when he was very young and is one of his favorites racquets.”

Roger Federer


He further added, “So when I was growing up this was the racquet I wanted to play with. I switched to this one when I was very young, probably too young, at 14. It was incredibly heavy all the time and I played with it all the way until 2002. Pretty much until I was 10 in the world. But still today it’s one of my favorite rackets of all time.”

Roger Federer then brought some changes to his racquet. He began using a 90 square inches Hyper Pro Staff 6.0 Yellow W from 85 square inches of head size Wilson racquet. It was the first time that Federer was using an increased head size racquet at a Slam.

Roger Federer

Talking about the Pro Staff 6.0, Federer said: “This is the racket I broke top ten with, right after the original Pro Staff I just had. I switched to 90 from 85, it was a big change for me because it was a new racket and I also changed strings.”

“This one was the one that I played with when I won my first Wimbledon 2003. One of the most emotional moments in my career. This racket was there,” Federer added.

Roger Federer


Federer then used Wilson Six-One Tour 90 from 2004 to 2006 and he spent some of the best time on the tour. He won 30 ATP titles playing with this stick including three Wimbledon, three US Open and one Australian Open title.

“This is one of my favorites. It was really nice. One of those years, in 2005 or 2006, when I just had a dominating year. It almost felt like I could not lose,” Federer said.

The 38-year-old Swiss signed a lifetime sponsorship deal with Wilson in 2006, where he had pledged to use their racquets for his entire career. Then, when he retires from professional tennis, he will move into an ambassadorial role for the company.

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