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Roger Federer Picks the Best Match of the Decade

Roger Federer Picks the Best Match of the Decade

Tension, setting, stakes, history, emotion, rivalry, and skill are the elements which together make up a classic tennis encounter. Amidst debates around the best match in the last 10 years, Roger Federer chooses the epic duels he would nominate for the best match of the decade.

The decennium saw many epic battles between the top tennis stars, which took the breath away from the audience. However, it is grinding to screen out the most distinctive matches of all.

Roger Federer

“Match of the decade should be a final” – Roger Federer

Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer Wimbledon 2008 finals and Federer vs Djokovic Wimbledon 2019 finals are certainly one of the best matches in the history of the sport. The Swiss maestro suggested that he does not have a complete overview. However, apart from his matches, he also picked some games as the best match of the decade where he did not participate.

“I watch a lot of matches while I am still in the tournament. But when I’m out, I hardly watch anymore,” said Federer in an interview with Tages Anzeiger.

Roger Federer

But I think the match of the decade should be a final,” Federer continued.

In addition to his games, the 19-time Grand Slam champion choose Stan Wawrinka vs Stefanos Tsitsipas at the French Open 2019 as one of the best. He also elected Djokovic vs Nadal at the Australian Open 2012.

He thinks the almost six-hour Australian Open Final 2012 between Djokovic and Nadal as one of the greatest. “The two fought many big battles,” Federer noted. The 38-year-old also recalled his compatriot Stan Wawrinka’s Roland Garros final against Djokovic. “His (Stan Wawrinka) Paris final against Novak was crazy too!”

Roger Federer

“And when I think of my matches, two come to mind: the finals in Australia in 2017 and in Wimbledon this year.” However, the two finals that ended with different results for Federer.

Let’s take a look at one the most memorable matches handpicked by Federer –

Djokovic vs Nadal – Australian Open 2012

This match saw Djokovic come out on top against Nadal 5–7, 6–4, 6–2, 6–7, 7–5. It took 5 hours and 53 minutes to decide the winner and was recorded as the then longest Grand Slam final. Since both rivals were in the shapes of their lives, it was no less than a battle for survivals. The match also sparked a lasting rivalry between them, featuring some incredible shots.

Wawrinka vs Djokovic – French Open 2015

Stan Wawrinka swept Novak Djokovic off the court in four  4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4. It was the most spectacular achievement of the decade: The Swiss hit 60 winners in four sets for his second Grand Slam title.

Federer vs Nadal – Australian Open 2017

After a six-month injury break, Roger Federer entered the tournament in great shape. The final against his arch-rival Rafael Nadal took the usual course till the fifth set. However, Federer changed gears at the right time to and played one of the most aggressive sets of his long career.

Roger Federer

Djokovic vs Federer – Wimbledon Championships 2019

In the most thrilling match of the 2019 season, the 20-time Grand Slam champion squandered two championship points in the 5th set at 8-7 and 40:15 on his own serve. In the first one, he missed a forehand by a very less margin. On the other hand, Djokovic struck an incredible passing shot to save the second match ball. The match went to the wire as the champion was decided by the newly introduced tiebreak at 12:12 in the fifth set. Novak Djokovic proved to be mentally stronger than his opponent as he prevailed.

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