Roger Federer Ranked Fifth among the Top Earning Sportsmen of the Decade

December 25, 2019 6:22 pm

Sports have evolved many folds in the last few decades, both on and off the field. While the evolution has been largely targeted in improving the sporting viewership for the fans. It has actually directly resulted in benefits for the sports persons. Soaring TV rights due to the massive target audience that a particular sport offers. And the hefty sponsorship deals that an event or an individual sportsperson earns has particularly increased over time. Players like Roger Federer,  LeBron James, Lionel Messi have made a brand out of themselves.

Forbes recently released a list of top-earning sportsperson of the last decade. The earning charts which were once dominated by golf players are now being topped by a boxer succeeded by two footballers. With Floyd Mayweather pocketing the most with $915 million, followed by Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi who earned $800 million and $750 million respectively. NBA’s very own superstar, LeBron James and “The Good Boy of Sports”, Roger Federer made up to the top five of the list.

Most of these sports persons have benefited mainly from the sponsorship deal they make with sporting giants like Nike, Adidas, Puma and Reebok. Who are fighting it out between them to earn the rights over a few of the most popular faces in the world. Though a cause of concern is the absence of female stars from the list with Serena Williams being the only female sportsperson to make the top 40 of the list.

The List released by Forbes:

1 Floyd Mayweather

  • Sports: Boxing
  • Net Earning: $915 million
Floyd Mayweather

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Sports: Football
  • Net Earning: $800 million
Cristiano Ronaldo

3. Lionel Messi

  • Sports: Football
  • Net Earning: $750 million
Lionel Messi

4. LeBron James

  • Sports: Basketball
  • Net Earning: $680 million
LeBron James

5. Roger Federer

  • Sports: Tennis
  • Net Earning: $640 million
Roger Federer

6. Tiger Woods

  • Sports: Golf
  • Net Earning: $615 million
Tiger Woods

7. Phil Mickelson

  • Sports: Golf
  • Net Earning: $480 million
Phil Mickleson

8. Manny Pacquiao

  • Sports: Boxing
  • Net Earning: $435 million
Manny Pacquiao

9. Kevin Durant

  • Sports: Basketball
  • Net Earning: $425 million
Kevin Durant

10. Lewis Hamilton

  • Sports: F1
  • Net Earning: $400 million
Lewis Hamilton



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