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Roger Federer: The Return of a Legend

Roger Federer: The Return of a Legend

With 20 years on tour, Swiss legend Roger Federer is mounting a comeback of epic proportions. No one expected Federer, at 35, to have much of a chance at the younger stars leading the charge to the French Open, but it seems as though he is here to do his best to prove them entirely wrong.

Federer won’t be getting much playing time on clay before the French Open, but it might be just enough to get him back and ready to give himself a fighting chance. Federer is no stranger to doing the unexpected and sometimes miraculous to win, and with his victory on the Plexicuhsion at the Australian Open, that momentum might be enough to propel him further than initially expected.

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After the Australian Open win, Federer has had a strong showing at the following March tournaments with wins at both the Indian Wells Masters and the Miami Open making him one of the top performers to date.

Federer won’t make a firm commitment yet to play in the French Open due to his scheduled rest, but his hope is to be well enough and rested enough to take on the competitors waiting for him at the French Open.

Federer jumped from inside the top ten after his Australian Open win and now sits at No. 4. Andy Murray, currently ranked No. 1 and six years Federer’s junior, fancies Roger’s chances of at the French Open. BetStars are expecting the odds to be lowered on Federer’s victories at Roland Garros due to his most recent run of form, despite missing out on the clay courts season following on a recommendation from his physiotherapist to help prevent new injuries or re-aggravating old ones.

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The break will be good for Federer both physically and mentally. When he was 25, it might have been a different story, but at 35, the toll it takes on a body to perform and play the necessary tournaments in order to improve his ranking is just too much. Athletes get injured when they’re burnt-out and are being overworked. They get careless, which is exactly what Federer is trying to prevent with his rest.

The mental toll is also a huge factor. After 20 years on tour and performing day in and day out, stress is something that absolutely has to be considered. For a body to function at its highest levels, both physical and mental rest is an absolute necessity. Federer’s wisdom in taking this break should most definitely work to his advantage with the upcoming French Open.

With all of the circumstances to date and the major victories Federer has mounted so far this 2017 season, he is turning out to be not as much of a long shot as previously thought. Momentum is such a huge factor in any type of sporting event, and that seems to be exactly what Federer has going for him at the moment. What seems to be getting the most attention, though, is his impressive victory over Rafael Nadal in the Australian Open Final, once again spotlighting that Roger Federer can never be counted out.

Even though clay courts aren’t his best surface, all in all you can pretty much count on a stellar performance from Federer. 20 years on tour has given him the skills necessary not only to win consistently, but also to know when to rest and take care of his body which is something that can really only be gained with the kind of experience a player of Federer’s calibre has acquired.

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Federer has also stated that he currently has no plans to retire, which is good news and possibly an inside look into the way he’s feeling about upcoming tournaments. His desire to play and win keep him coming back to the game he loves, and even if he requires more rest than in his younger years, Federer is never one to be counted out.


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