Roger Federer Sleeps Better During Turbulence

Roger Federer
Roger Federer

The tennis adept of the present era, Roger Federer remarked a historic victory last week in the Middle East and extended his ATP laurel count to one hundred by avenging his pre-quarters loss at the Australian Open 2019 from Stefanos Tsitsipas. Shortly after his momentous achievement in Dubai, Roger Federer flew to the Riverside County in California for the Indian Wells Masters.

The time difference between Dubai and Palm Springs is twelve hours and the Swiss ace, Roger Federer arrived almost a week before his round-of-64 match at the BNP Paribas Open. “Twelve hours time difference, you can feel it”, the 37-year-old Roger Federer mentioned. “That’s why it was important for me to come as early as possible and to adapt myself to the meal times, go to bed in time and sleep enough. Travelling with kids does not make to any easier, but we are very happy. We arrived on Monday. Now I feel much better.” 

Roger Federer
Roger Federer in Indian Wells

Similar to his performance on the court, the Swiss maestro, Roger Federer is a master planner. Considering the issues to jet lag and getting accustomed to new places, he plans everything ahead of time. “As soon as I leave a place, I am already in the future and prepare for the next one. Because I am usually tired when travelling, I am always very well able to sleep, even on a plane. When it starts to shake and gets into turbulence, I’ll sleep even better. Because I have no desire for this…I fall asleep at once.”

Roger Federer articulated his reminisces of his century of wins in the ATP finals from more than 150 career finals. “I could probably enumerate every single final, though not with the exact results. But if you ask me who I defeated in the 2006 Wimbledon fourth round – I do not know. But I can remember a lot and finals stay more present. Because of the special preparation, the award ceremony and the highlights on TV.”

Roger Federer
Roger Federer spends his vacation with his family

Furthermore, Roger Federer expressed his gratitude towards his friends and family. Their presence has bolstered his desire to play better and better, create new records on the ATP tour and revolutionise the game of tennis. “At the end, I am only as happy if they are happy, and I am happy that I know we were able to keep a really great group of friends throughout my career, with all the travels but not been easy always,” he said. 

“I think this is where I have to credit my wife a lot, she is the one who stays in touch with a lot of our friends and also a lot of close friends and family have come to visit me on the road, so the road has not been as easy as hard maybe it is for some others, that’s been amazing for me,” continued Roger Federer.