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Roger Federer: Spirit of a Champion

Roger Federer: Spirit of a Champion

Roger Federer’s quest for an 18th major is still on. In Sunday’s final- that produced the finest tennis for a majority of its part, he went down to the machinery of Serbia, Novak Djokovic. But Federer still feels he’s right up there and nothing can stop him from chasing more Grand Slam title. After playing one of his career’s best season on grass this month, only falling short at the last hurdle, Roger said he’s hungry and motivated for more and will be back next year to display his surreal tennis skills.

“It’s great. It’s such a huge part of the game, the crowds. So to have so much crowd support around the world, but also particularly here at Wimbledon, which is the Holy Grail, it’s beautiful,” said the 7-time Wimbledon Champion.

Federer clinched his 8th Wimbledon title after beating Marin Cilic
Image Courtesy: Wimbledon

“I must tell you it almost means as much to me as winning because I’ve been around for a long, long time. I’ve played on the outside courts. As of late now it’s been so much Centre Court or Court One, either one around the world. But I appreciate when people travel to come see us. There was a great atmosphere out there.” he added.

“It’s no fun ever losing really unless you know that you’ve entertained the crowd, you can be happy with your performance, and then you get it over quicker. But it doesn’t mean you’re not disappointed, or that you just kind of move on easily from it,” said Federer, who thanked the Centre Court crowd for their unconditional support over the years.

Federer still firmly believes that he can beat the World No.1 and win tournaments, adding to his career tally of 86 ATP titles. “It would have been nicer to win some than to lose some. At the same time, I lost against the world No. 1 at the moment. That’s the kind of guy you probably can lose against. But I’m not going to accept it and say, it’s normal. It’s not. I’ve beaten Novak a few times. I’m one of the few guys who’s gotten a chance. Same with Stan and a few guys that have given Novak a run for the money,”.

Federer who was looking to become the oldest player to win a major will enter the US Open as the second seed. He reached the semi-final last year only to be beaten by the eventual champion Marin Cilic.

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