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Roger Federer Talks About Luck and Importance of Draws

Roger Federer Talks About Luck and Importance of Draws

Roger Federer

Roger Federer has arrived in Perth, and is set to start his 2019 campaign, at the Hopman Cup. The Hopman Cup has served as the perfect warm-up event for Roger Federer in the past couple of years. The Swiss is indeed the defending champion at the Australian Open, and will hope that he could win his 100th title by defending his crown here.

“I hope that again it will be the start of a great season for me”, said Roger Federer. “Because the last two seasons have been crazy good for me,” added Federer as he visited The Pinnacles on Thursday.

Federer also spoke about how he has managed to turn the latter part of his career around, and that he himself is amazed by the results he has achieved. “I would never have imagined that kind of return”, said Roger Federer. “I’m just very happy things are going so well, the Hopman Cup is a good place for me to start the season with, and I’m hopeful that’s going to be the same again this year”, he added.

Many have predicted that this might be the last year for Roger Federer on the tour, and that he might hang up his boots at the end of the season. Federer, however refused to comment anything on that, and instead has left his retirement dates wide open for speculation, and hopes that he can go on for another couple of year. All of that depends on the condition of his body though.Roger Federer

“I think with my age people know that if I did something extraordinary- that would be amazing,” said the Swiss Maestro.“And if that didn’t happen, maybe it’s logical you can’t produce that tennis every year”, he added. Federer also said that at this point inn his career, the draws, the weather and court conditions, all mattered a lot more than they had before in his career. “You also maybe need a bit of luck, and the draw to fall your way, you know, a lot of things need to happen to win any slam, for also the top four guys”, said Roger Federer.

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