Roger Federer Thinks He Still Has His Piano Skills Intact

Published 02/01/2019, 6:12 AM EST
Federer playing the piano

Apart from his on-court excellence with his tennis racket, the Swiss legend, Roger Federer is a gifted pianist and also plays the flute. He was trained to play the piano as a child and played the flute during the Lucerne festival. Along with this proficiency in instrumental music, the tennis champion also sings. And like everyone else has their personal favourite music artist, Federer claims AC/DC band to be his personal favourite. During the 1990s, he heard a lot of DJ music.

Federer attempts to play the violin

Also, when he was young, he was really fond of the music by Queen, Michael Jackson and Roxette. At a press conference, Federer revealed his connections with music during his days on the junior circuit. “When I was going to the junior events with my parents, you listen to what your parents put on the cassette in the car. Then, later on, it was all the DJ’s coming up and then it was rock, through Peter Lundgren, my coach, who did all the AC/DC and Metallica and all that stuff. Now I just go with the flow”, he mentioned. 

Michael Jordan and Roger Federer

Recently, Federer was displaying is off-court talent where he was witnessed playing the piano in an EZY Jeans commercial for Uniqlo Belgium. “My time off the court is just as important as my time on, because tennis is just the beginning of my story,” the Swiss said. “I’m just getting started.” Also, he opened up about his connection with the musical instrument, piano. “Piano was fun. I enjoyed playing again”, said Federer. “My parents asked me to play the piano when I was younger.  But of course, my head was stuck in tennis. So for me, the piano was always a little bit more complicated. But being at the back of the piano today was a lot of fun. I still feel like I have it, to some extent. Still need some practice, and you know, honestly, I  can’t wait when I have more time again to start playing the piano. I would like to maybe surprise my wife one day and play a song for her”.



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