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Roger Federer: “See the UFC Guy Throw a Railing”

Roger Federer: “See the UFC Guy Throw a Railing”

Roger Federer, who suffered a defeat by the hands of the new world number one Novak Djokovic, in the semi-finals of the Paris Masters 1000, spoke about the Serena Williams and the umpire debacle at the US Open. In an exclusive interview Federer suggested that maybe Serena Williams should have walked away at a point in that argument.Roger Federer

“It’s a melange of all things, but at some point, I feel like Serena should have walked away,” said Roger Federer. “She did, but she went too far. She should have walked earlier. It’s a little bit excusable”, continued Federer. Federer, also suggested that maybe the umpire should not have pushed her so far in the first case.“The umpire maybe should not have pushed her there”, said Roger Federer. “It’s unfortunate, but an incredible case study”, he added.

Federer went on to praise the sport of tennis, and said that such events seldom happened in the sport,as he compared tennis with the rest of the sports there was much more hostility and crudeness in the behavior of the players as well as the others involved. “Anything that’s good for society and gets the ball rolling, I’m all for it”, said Federer.

“We do so well in tennis- our sport is so well behaved”, he continued. “You see the UFC guy (Conor McGregor) throw a railing, or in other sports they spit and swear at each other on a regular basis”, said the Swiss Maestro. “I dove into the situation with Serena on so many levels, to understand (from the perspectives of) the umpire, Osaka, Serena, the crowd”, he added.

For those who do not follow the sport of UFC, and are unaware of the McGreogr incident, here’s the footage of the disturbing incident that took place, that left at the least two people injured.

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