Roger Federer Wants His Kids to be ‘Normal’


Roger Federer has four kids- 2 boys and 2 girls, by the name of Lenny, Leo, Myla Rose and Charlene Riva respectively. The Swiss maestro revealed recently that he has been trying to keep his children away from the star-studded life that he leads. Roger Federer believes that its important for children to enjoy their early years, and not get involved in fame, media and the weight of expectations early on in their lives.

Roger Federer

“I need to make sure that my children remember what normal is because their lives are not normal”, said Roger Federer, pointing out to the fact that because of his popularity and success, his children are going to face a certain amount of attention. “It’s a challenge bringing kids up but we’re trying our absolute best,” Federer added. “You take care of your kids first before you take care of your tennis”, he continued in his interview with CNN.

Federer believes that children are important in one’s life and that the innocence and purity that the children have, adds a certain flavor in the parents’ lives.

Roger Federer

“I didn’t have children not to be part of the process”, said Roger Federer. “I stopped counting how many diapers I changed, how many times I read stories, how many times I put them to bed. I love children and the things they say- it’s raw, it has no filter”, he added.

For those who do not know, Roger Federer has always been involved with children, as he often travels to Africa, to care of his charity organization Roger Federer foundation. The Swiss has a whooping budget of over 8.5 million per year, to support education and the bare necessities for the children in Africa.

“Last time when I was in Zambia, I tried to explain to them that I was a tennis player- and they said- ‘The one with the rocket and the table?’ I’m like, ‘No, that’s table tennis'”, said Roger Federer.

Roger Federer

“You realize who you are actually doesn’t matter”, said Federer. “I’m not a tennis player here. I’m actually a philanthropist on the ground. It hit me, you know? I think it’s wonderful.”

Federer’s off court life may not be as popular or appreciated as his on-court one, but the Swiss has been trying his best to keep a balance in both, and so far has been fairly successful.