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Roger Federer Was Sent To a Psychologist, Reveals Former Coach

Roger Federer Was Sent To a Psychologist, Reveals Former Coach

Roger Federer’s former coach, Paul Dorochenko revealed the reasons behind his stabilized and triumphant career. One of them was a sports psychologist who was Federer’s counselor for about three to four years. “We put Roger Federer a sports psychologist who worked with him from 18 to 21 or 22,” Dorochenko said.

 His early twenties days were poles apart from his present personality. Unlike, today’s calm and composed character of the Swiss legend, he was an angry teenager and his family took a huge step by taking him a psychologist.

Roger Federer

“There was a time when I used to throw my racket a lot and when I was 16, I have even chased off the court because of it,” Federer said in 2017. “At 17, my family decided that I had to go to a psychologist because I was so angry on the court. From that moment on, my growth has been constant.”

Also, his former coach, Dorochenko believes that his wife, Mirka Federer set Federer’s straight and stable. She supported him to become the greatest of all times. She was a professional tennis player and they met each other for the first time during the Sydney Olympics in 2000. 

“Afterwards, he had little experience with girls, he had a little girlfriend, and immediately he found his wife, who is an ambitious person, who comes from Czechoslovakia, likes money, power, and in the end she has protected Federer a lot. She made a bubble where Federer was just for tennis,” he added.

Roger Federer
Roger Federer and Mirka Federer

His thriving sponsorship with Nike concluded which concluded in 2018 was instrumental in managing his behavior on-court. “And the third was Nike, it was with a lot of money and the marketing department told him: ‘Look, we want you to be a gentleman’,” his former coach revealed.

After the amusing Laver Cup 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland, World Number three, Roger Federer will be next seen during the Shanghai Rolex Masters 2019 in China.

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