Roger Federer

Roger Federer, in a recent interview spoke about how he has always been lucky to have good coaches throughout his career. He also said that his parents always backed the coaches’ decisions and trusted them. “I’ve always had very good coaching”, said Federer. “I think that is definitely one of the things where I’m lucky at, you know, in my career”, he continued, “where I’m also happy is that my parents had a lot of faith in all my coaches and they let them do the work, you know, and just looked at the things which were happening just from far away.”

Roger Federer
Federer hits a slice as his current coach Ivan Ljubičić looks on.

Federer has often said that at the level at which they play, even smallest of the small things make a magnified impact on their shots. Federer in one of his earlier interviews, said how the paint on his racquet also made a difference in his shot making (Read the entire article here : Roger Federer-‘Many are playing with a hybrid-string’). He backed it up by saying that even the wind was one of the major factors while he played. The Swiss Maestro also went on to say that a wind-less atmosphere would take a little bit of the creativity out of the game.

Roger Federer

“Tennis is just not as much fun as it is without because you cannot risk as much, you cannot hit the ball as hard as you want”, said Roger Federer. “You’ve got to really calculate everything you do. So that takes away a little bit of creativity, I think. I’ve learned to use the wind to my favor. That is important to my game”, he added. “When it’s windy, I don’t struggle much in it because my second serve is reliable. I don’t panic or double-fault so much. So, it’s obviously a huge weapon in windy conditions”, said Roger Federer.

Federer is set to feature at the Basel Open next, from which Juan Martin Del Potro has withdrawn from, citing a fracture. The Swiss maestro is yet to decide on his decision to play the Paris Masters 1000, which will be the last masters tournament of the calendar.


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