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Romain Grosjean Slams Haas F1’s ‘Donkey’ Of a Car for 2019

Romain Grosjean Slams Haas F1’s ‘Donkey’ Of a Car for 2019

The 2019 Formula One season has been a trying time for the Haas F1 team, with numerous poor performances. The VF-19 has given the team a lot of grief, and the drivers themselves have not helped their own case. However, Romain Grosjean has praised the team’s attempts to extract every bit of pace the VF-19. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the misbehaving car.

Speaking to Racefans, the Frenchman said, “It’s been a tough season for the team but we can’t [ignore] the hard work that everyone’s put in and the good job that everyone’s put on in terms of race team. So we are always operating the car with best we can. You will never make a racehorse with a donkey but we’ve tried.”

However, on the other end of the scale, Haas f1 team boss Guenther Steiner joked that he never let Grosjean’s “little whinges” get to him. The 33-year old has been associated with Haas since their Formula One debut back in 2016.

During his tenure, his heavily heavily-censored rants became quite commonplace and an expected part of each race.

Romain Grosjean

However, Steiner confessed that he has grown accustomed to these “little whinges”. The American quipped that he has “aged a lot this year” so reacting to them will not alleciate the situation.

“Uh-huh, I mean I’m used to it,” he told Channel 4. “After a while it doesn’t get to you anymore, it’s like you don’t hear it.

“Because I’ve aged already a lot this year, if I still get excited by, we call them the little whinges, then I wouldn’t survive this year.

“We know him now and he just cannot control himself it he’s got something to say, so you live with that. It’s the fourth season now, so you get used to it.”

Now, Steiner will have to endure another year of Romain Grosjean and his whines, having signed him for 2020.

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