Roman Reigns Gets Into a Nasty Altercation With Braun Strowman Ahead of Smackdown

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We are just a day away from Friday Night SmackDown and Roman Reigns has sent a message to his challenger. The Tribal Chief will be defending his Universal Championship against Braun Strowman.

Recently, Braun Strowman was a guest on the BattleGround podcast. On the podcast, The Monster among men didn’t have very good words for the Big Dog.

Strowman claimed Reigns got multiple opportunities because of his family lineage. On the other hand, Strowman had to bust his a** day in and day out to get one.

The Universal Champion took to social media to send a firmly worded reply to his challenger.

The championship match this week on SmackDown will definitely be hard-hitting and intense. Both Superstars’ endurance will be tested, and that’s what Reigns is preparing for.

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Roman Reigns is training to fight Strowman for 20-30 minutes

Recently on ESPN First take, The Big Dog spoke about the wrestler he looked up to as a kid. Shockingly, despite his glorious wrestling lineage, this Superstar wasn’t from his family.

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Reigns revealed that his favorite was none other than ‘The Hitman’ Bret Hart. One of the things he loved about The Hitman was him putting up wrestling clinics that lasted 20-30 minutes. Reigns claimed that he will emulate his idol this week on SmackDown.

“Bret Hart, Bret ‘the Hitman’ Hart was kinda my guy… A lot different than yours with the Ultimate Warrior. There’s just something I respected. He was like a journeyman, like a blue-collar sports-entertainer, you know that pro-wrestler, go in there and wrestle for 30-minutes every single night. He just put a different dynamic on what the top looks like, and I like to think that we have a little of all that nowadays.

“We’ve kinda had to mesh having the character, having the swagger and also being able to go in there and put in twenty or thirty minutes of work if we have to and that’s what I’m prepared to do this Friday against Braun Strowman.”

SmackDown will be live this Friday on FOX and on the WWE Network.

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