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Rosberg Responds to 2015 US GP Cap Throw Towards Lewis Hamilton

Rosberg Responds to 2015 US GP Cap Throw Towards Lewis Hamilton

The 2015 world championship had a pretty similar story to 2018. Only then it was Nico Rosberg instead of Sebastian Vettel falling to the supremacy of Lewis Hamilton. It was the US Grand Prix of that year that Hamilton sealed the championship when Nico Rosberg let him by blaming a ‘gush of wind’ and Hamilton took victory.

After the race, a very infamous incident took place in the podium room. Lewis Hamilton threw a cap towards the second place Nico Rosberg, who out of disgust threw it back towards him. It was hugely disrespecting and fans and media alike bashed Rosberg for his immaturity.

A clip of the incident was shared by F1 today:

Responding to this tweet, Nico Rosberg had a perfect reply to hide his embarrassment.

The fans couldn’t contain their happiness that Rosberg finally decided to embrace the humiliating experience.

This is how they responded:


The US Grand Prix of 2015 was a turning point for Rosberg’s career. He went on to win the next 4 races of the season followed by 4 consecutive victories in the 2016 season. He looked invincible in that particular season and coupled with Lewis Hamilton’s misfortune in 2016, was easily able to take the season and win the championship.

Following his surprise championship victory came the shock of his sudden retirement. During the FIA ceremony, he announced immediate retirement from Formula One to spend more time with his family.

The Hamilton-Rosberg rivalry lasted for a solid 3 years from 2014-2016. Things were pretty close in 2014 with the championship being decided in the very last race. In 2015, it was a clear cut victory for Lewis Hamilton who was invincible throughout the season.

Lewis Hamilton
Rosberg congratulates Hamilton at the end 2014 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

2016 had Nico Rosberg turn the tables taking the championship in the very last race, a thriller in Abu Dhabi. Their rivalry will forever be remembered as one of the most intense ones in Formula One. Nico Rosberg, although could only win one championship, was the most fierce competitor Hamilton has gotten recently.

Lewis Hamilton
Nico Rosberg at the 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
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