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Rosberg Considering Future Formula E Role

Rosberg Considering Future Formula E Role

If paddock whispers are to be believed, there are rumours of Nico Rosberg making a comeback. But hold on to your horses, he is not returning as a driver, and he is certainly not going to be in Formula 1. Instead, we have Nico Rosberg considering future Formula E role. The 2016 F1 champion is in Hong Kong this weekend for the opening rounds of the 2017-2018 Formula E season.

Rosberg Considering Future Formula E Role
Nico Rosberg was spotted in Hong Kong for the opening round of the Formula E season

The former Mercedes driver attended the Hong Kong race on behalf of a sponsor. As it turned out, he liked what he saw and hinted at working in the series in the future. Rosberg said, “Let’s wait and see. I’m open to explore so let’s see what the possibilities are but I’m definitely interested. I know quite a lot [about Formula E], I have been following it. It has an amazing future, a great future. It is on the right track and Alejandro [Agag] is awesome as well so he is going to do the right stuff.”

He admitted that he did not miss racing and he was really done. Nico spoke more about Formula E and its impact.

“Formula E has hit the nail on the head – the hype is there for e-mobility and that is why there is a guaranteed great future for this because people are going to be watching and this is going to be the technology of the future battling. It is going to be right here. Never has there been a racing series where the technology is so one-to-one. It goes from the race car into the road car of the future that we are all going to be driving. All the best brands in the world are here fighting each other so it is awesome.”

Rosberg considering future Formula E role does make sense as Mercedes is is one the manufacturers expected to join the series in 2019-20. Since Rosberg is a former Mercedes driver and a champion no less, he will be a front-runner for a lead role if Mercedes field a works team.

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