Ross Brawn Says Ferrari Team Principal Binotto Managing Driver Situation Well

April 17, 2019 6:14 pm

You don’t always get to hear from Ross Brawn. But when you do, you sit back and make time for what a redoubtable character from the very top drawer has to say about the sport and elements that concern it. Right? Ross Brawn was recently asked about the driver situation at Ferrari, a team that’s quite frankly, the most famous racing enterprise in the history of Grand Prix racing.

To that end, Ross Brawn shared his views and insights about the Ferrari driver situation, wherein he spoke of what their true equation is and how well is Lausanne-born Mario Bintoo is handling the two drivers: Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc.

Now that told, what exactly did Mr. Ross Brawn, the former team principal at Mercedes say with regards to Ferrari team principal, Mr. Mattia Binotto.

Recently, when contacted by the media during a post-race brief on his comments on the Ferrar team, the Englishman shared the following:

“Team Principal Mattia Binotto finds himself having to manage what is definitely a new situation for Ferrari, in the shape of two drivers fighting at a very high level, shared Mr. Ross Brawn.”

As it is, the situation at Ferrari is a bit diferent. On the one hand, they’ve got a youngster and a promising one at that in Charles Leclerc. On the other, there’s the four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel. While surely, this is an alliance of exuberance and experience, it’s the thrill that ultimately rubs off on fans that counts the maximum. But that said, is it happening so far for their fans?

Well, we’ve all got our views on it- haven’t we?

But the bespectacled F1 luminary also shared the following with regards to the above-

“This is definitely a tricky year for Sebastian and the podium in Shanghai will have been a confidence boost, while Charles has shown great maturity in accepting team decisions that are not easy to digest.”

With three races done, Vettel, according to Brawn, was finding it a bit difficult to handle the situation.

The above told, where there’s a question of dominating the current championship, Mercedes, it clearly appears are bringing the ‘perfection’ in everything while the Scuderia Stable, yet to win a race with Baku the next halt, have a few things to solve- haven’t they?

Dev Tyagi


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