Royal Challengers Bangalore Reveals its New Logo

February 14, 2020 9:13 pm

Royal Challengers Bangalore had the fans waiting with anticipation for the big reveal. They chose 14th February to release the new logo and jersey of the team.

The first step to this reveal was removing the display pictures from social media accounts. Not only that, there were several players including Captain Virat Kohli who questioned this change with surprise.

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Royal Challengers Bangalore Finally Reveals The Secret

However, Royal Challengers Bangalore has finally revealed the new logo which has a lion on it. This is to symbolise the new “bold and fearless attitude” of the team.

The RCB Chairman, Sanjeev Churiwala, said, “The elements in the logo is a commitment to continuously entertain and engage with fans who are the force behind Royal Challengers Bangalore.” On top of that, he added that the identity change of the club was necessary to celebrate the new vision and passion for the game.

However, this was not all. RCB revealed the new jersey as well. Additionally, RCB welcomed Muthoot Group via the jersey as well.

The twitter caption said “Presenting to you, the RCB Jersey design for Vivo IPL 2020. We are excited to welcome @MuthootIndia as our title sponsor. #PlayBold #NewDecadeNewRCB”.

Captain Virat Kohli took to Twitter to express his excitement about the new logo. In fact, he is eagerly waiting to play wearing the jersey with the new logo.

Fans Reaction

Sunriser Hyderabad decided to respond to them. Soon after the new logo was revealed, SRH posted a picture of Jonny Bairstow and David Warner with the caption “Ee sala logo chaala bagundi!” (The logo looks great).

However, while some fans were impressed with the change, others were not as thrilled. One user displayed the disappointed by saying that taking three days to generate suspense just to reveal a logo was not a brilliant idea.

Now, cricket fans are raising the question of whether the name Royal Challengers Bangalore will change to Royal Challengers Bengaluru. There has been no confirmation about this from the franchise.

As of now, there are fans who are hoping that RCB will finally win an IPL trophy this year.

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