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Rumors Suggest Sony PlayStation 5 Event is Coming Soon

Rumors Suggest Sony PlayStation 5 Event is Coming Soon

PlayStation 5 event

The death of George Floyd, at the hands of a police officer, has caused a major uproar in the United States of America. In light of the ongoing turmoil, Sony decided to postpone its PlayStation 5 event. The move received a mixed response from the community, with some lauding it while others believed it to be a marketing move. Some, mostly from outside the USA, were simply disgruntled with the decision. Perhaps Sony announcing a rescheduled date would have been the best move.

Sony decision proves divisive

Sony has kept a tight lid on all things PlayStation 5 despite a launch window of Holiday 2020. Just as the fans and media were starting to grumble, the news started trickling in. After assuring everyone that the console was on schedule, a few more tidbits started rolling our way. Finally, a few days ago, Sony confirmed a digital event to reveal next-gen games.

As you’d imagine, the vast Playstation community was eagerly awaiting the showcase. However, George Floyd’s death soon grew into a widespread movement for racial equality in the USA. With the North American nation fighting for its soul, Sony made the decision to cancel the event.

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New date for PlayStation 5 event?

While many looked at this as a noble decision, others were miffed that Sony was altering its plans because of one country. Many even believed that an event like that would have been a positive distraction. Unfortunately, the tech giants did not announce the new date, and doing so may have mollified those unhappy with it.

For instance, CD Projekt too delayed its Cyberpunk 2077 event scheduled for June 11. However, the studio announced June 25 as the new date in the same announcement. Consequently, their news received much less of a backlash.

A rumor has spawned some reports that say the Playstation 5 event will now take place on June 12. A Twitter user named Verdict4489 tweeted out the following.

While this is not a far-fetched notion that Sony would delay the event by just a week or two, we would take it with a pinch of salt. Sony is unlikely to make a firm decision until it has an idea as to when the situation in the States will calm down.

We will keep you updated about the event. You can be sure we will get you the official announcement as soon as it is made.

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