The 2019 Russian Grand Prix is underway and we’re already seeing a pretty good action. Pole sitter, Charles Leclerc couldn’t get a good start and hence Vettel was quick to take the lead while Lewis Hamilton slotted on third. Vettel was able to take the lead thanks to a perfect slipstream given by Leclerc. However, while fans were thinking that it was Vettel’s supremacy that got him the position, radio conversations between the two Ferrari drivers revealed it was a pre-planned strategy.

Charles Leclerc was told as early as lap 6 that they will be swapping on the next lap. Sebastian Vettel, who was already a good distance ahead of his teammate resisted saying that Leclerc is too far behind and needs to speed up. Listening to this, an angry (but mature) Leclerc said that he played the team game and now the team has to intervene. All this was happening while Vettel was constantly putting out faster laps and maintaining a good 2s lead over his teammate.

Finally Ferrari intervened between the two drivers and asked their drivers to calm down. The swap was to take place later on, but immediately and they were required to push. But after Singapore, this is extremely strange from a team which earlier declared Sebastian Vettel as their driver number 1. True, Charles Leclerc has cemented his position, but involving team orders as early as lap 6 isn’t healthy for the team and utterly disappointing for us fans as well.

To end the conversation, Leclerc said, “I completely understand. The only thing is that I respected. I gave the slipstream, no problems. But then I tried to push at the beginning of the race, but it’s no problems. Manage the situation”

Things are getting pretty tensed and controversial at the Russian Grand Prix. Whatever follows, we will keep you covered!