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Sacramento Kings Point Guard De’aAron Fox Provides Update on his Hip Injury

Sacramento Kings Point Guard De’aAron Fox Provides Update on his Hip Injury

De'Aaron Fox

Sacramento Kings point guard De’aAron Fox suffered from a hip injury during their match against Portland Trail Blazzers on Friday.

Fox was taken off in the previous game against Phoenix Suns when Fox banged knees with Suns’ big man Deandre Ayton. When he was removed from the game, the Kings’ trainers wrapped Fox’s left knee with ice.

Fox played 34 minutes in the Kings game on Friday, registering 28 points, five assists and six rebounds.

It now seems that he might have aggravated their injury again late in the fourth quarter.

Speaking after the match, as per Jason Anderson of the Sacramento Bee, De’aAron Fox said that he would have to work on the injury a little.

“It was just the way I landed. It’s not too bad. We’re going to work on it,” Fox was quoted as saying.

The Kings play Utah Jazz in Utah on Saturday and Fox was unsure whether he would feature in the game.

“We have a quick turnaround tomorrow. I feel like I go, but it’s all up to them and how I feel in the morning,” he further said.

Apart from Fox, Buddy Hield was also injured in the game against the Suns on Wednesday. Hield had rolled his left ankle with just over four minutes remaining in regulation. He limped to the bench and did not return to the game.

Regardless of the injury, as he vowed to play, Hield played 32 minutes where he registered 21 points, an assist and five rebounds.

However, the Kings lost to Trail Blazers 122-112. This is now their second loss in the opening two games of the season and their third game looks even tougher down the road against Utah Jazz. A Jazz team that will be looking to bounce back after they lost to Los Angeles Lakers 95-86 on Friday.

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