Sara Errani Upset by Doping Ban Increase

By 2 years ago

Italian tennis star Sara Errani has said that she is “disgusted” that her doping ban has been increased. Initially she copped a two month ban but now it has been increased to 10 months.

Last year, Errani tested positive for the banned drug letrozole. Letrozole is a substance used by Errani’s mother for breast cancer treatment. Although the Court of Arbitration for Sport accepted that traces of the drug found its way into food, they upheld that Errani was still guilty of a “light degree of fault.”
The 72nd ranked player said that the matter has been handled in a shameful manner.
Sara Errani
“I have dedicated my life to this sport and I don’t think I deserve all this,” said the 2012 French Open finalist.
“The TAS in Lausanne has reconfirmed, once again, it has been an inadvertent ingestion, and moreover, of a substance that is not enhancing performance.
“I have already served seven months. Between results disqualification and period of inactivity, I have been forced to re-start with a ranking position of 280, and I climbed back. And now they want to add an extra sanction of eight months. All of this is total nonsense!”
The decision comes on the back of Errani’s appeal against the original ban. This new ruling voided results, while the Italian anti-doping agency had asked for a longer suspension.
According to the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), letrozole acts as a hormonal and metabolic stimulant by increasing testosterone concentration.
Errani, a five-time grand slam doubles title winner, is unsure whether she has a future in tennis.
“I don’t know if I will be able to find the strength and the desire to play tennis again after all of this,” she said.
Last week, Errani withdrew from the Croatia Bol Open after reaching the semi-final stage.
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