Schumacher Not as Crazy as Verstappen: van Amersfoort

November 6, 2018 2:38 pm

Mick Schumacher had a dream run in the recently concluded F3 championship. Son of 7 time F1 world champion, Michael Schumacher, he was very quickly rumoured as a candidate for Toro Rosso but later himself turned it down. He is now rumoured to step up to F2 in 2019, though he hasn’t finalised his future plans.

Frits van Amersfoot, owner of Dutch based Van Amersfoot Racing, competing in F3 and German ADAC F4 championship worked closely with Schumacher in F4. He has also worked with Max Verstappen in F3 championship. Making a comparison between the two, van Amersfoot praised Schumacher labelling him not as ‘mad’ as Verstappen.

“There are many racing drivers who believe they need to do everything their way,” the Dutchman told Sport1.

Mick has always shown that he wants to learn.

“Mick is a racing guy who works a lot — he’s not as crazy as Max. Mick uses his head. His strength is that he wants to and does win races with his head,” he added.

“He probably learned from his father that in racing you cannot just drive, you also have to work hard. That’s why he is where he wants to be now.”

A lot has been said about Mick Schumacher ever since he’s shown immense promise in the F3 championship. Many have spoken about the privilege has has because of his last name, including Red Bull junior Dan Ticktum who raised a massive controversy with his statements.

While his entry in Formula One looks more realistic than ever if he continues this run of form, Ross Brawn, who worked alongside his father Michael for a very long time believes he must do more.

“He has a few more steps to make before he joins Formula One,” Brawn said in an interview with TASS. “Mick is a very mature young man and I think he knows he has to pace himself, make sure that he is completely ready to join Formula One.”

“The name of Schumacher carries a lot of history,” the 63-year-old F1 executive said. “If he merits and if he wants to be fully prepared before he makes his step into Formula One, I think Formula Two is the next logical step for Mick.”

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