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Scuderia Ferrari Desperate to Win in Monza and Focus on 2020

Scuderia Ferrari Desperate to Win in Monza and Focus on 2020

The 2019 season already looks to be a gone case for Scuderia Ferrari, as Mercedes are too far ahead. Similarly, Red Bull are beginning to reel the Maranello squad in, especially with two wins under their belt.

Sebastian Vettel looks unlikely to repeat his win in Spa in 2018, unless Ferrari perform a miracle. Ferrari is still hunting for its first win for the 2019 season and they are in danger of going winless for a third season.

It would be a massive boost for Ferrari if they start the second half of the season with a win in Spa. However, it would be even more poetic if the opportunity manifests itself in Monza, in front of the adoring tifosi.

To make matters even better, Scuderia Ferrari are expected to debut their third power unit. So, with a bit more horsepower the Italian team look like they are ready for action, on paper at least. A race victory would grant a few smiles in what has been a wretched year.


Sebastian Vettel sorely needed the summer to recharge and get back his mojo. Meanwhile, Charles Leclerc will be itching to finally get to that top step, after coming close on two occasions. However, Ferrari’s attention will soon turn to the 2020 season as Mercedes has already hijacked 80% of the factory personnel on future programs.

The top management has also become aware of this, as Louis Camilleri has increased investments in F1. The time to plan is now, especially from a 2021 perspective when the new rules come into force and the budget cap in place. The top teams are moving ahead to allocate important resources before the constraint is introduced.

In Maranello one of the biggest priorities is the simulator, as their current one is ten years old. The other point concerns the procurement campaign: some technicians specializing in “vehicle dynamics” and “tire management” will arrive, some have already arrived. Names unknown to the general public, key figures to correct weaknesses.

From November onwards, Simone Resta, will rejoin the group after a brief stint at Alfa-Romeo to devote himself to the 2021 program. His experience will be very useful to Mattia Binotto: despite the false start, the team principal continues to enjoy the confidence of the management.

On the upper floors they think about the medium-long term, they reflect on the mistakes of a young group but they are ready to bet again. The picture would have been very different if those 3-4 occasions of victory had been capitalized, it is thought. They try to highlight the positive aspects, the best engine for example. The word stability is widely used: on the pilots front a lot is expected from Leclerc, a won bet. With Sebastian the speech is evolving, the German has a contract until the end of 2020, both sides are navigating on sight.

Source: Daily Express
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