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Scuderia Ferrari Discovered Stowaways in Their Transporter

Scuderia Ferrari Discovered Stowaways in Their Transporter


Often while travelling, one comes across hitchhikers on the road and they often catch a ride. However, the situation that befell Ferrari was downright bizarre, though not exactly unheard of. At a stop for customs procedures in Calais, some migrants slipped into the Ferrari transporter bound for Silverstone.

On Wednesday morning, the last trucks transporting ‘racing’ parts arrived at the Silverstone paddock. The racing parts only arrived after boxes and hospitality had been set up the previous days.

As it turned out, the Ferrari truck was the last to reach the track and the team were in for a surprise. When the doors were opened, movement was detected in the load bay and a few strangers illegally entered on the way to Great Britain.

This has been happening for some time where activity has been reported in Calais. Over there, migrants often take advantage of the stop that car transporters reach for customs reasons. So, these migrant try to illegally enter cargo spaces and earn free passage into the country.

As mentioned earlier, this is not the first time such a scenario has occurred. In fact, Formula One is all too familiar with it, where a driver from Pirelli reported noise coming from the car transporter. At that time, upon investigation, at least eight people were discovered upon arrival at the British headquarters.

Similarly, it transpired that a Williams subcontractor also unknowingly picked up a few stragglers. Upon arrival in the paddock, the migrants were soon discovered in the cargo area, and there had to be local police intervention.

Meanwhile, the race weekend in Silverstone will proceed as planned, though Ferrari are not too thrilled. This is because they have reported that they are not expecting such great result. Although they have made some upgrades, their effect may be minimal, which is unfortunate.

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