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Scuderia Ferrari F1 Dissatisfied with 2020 Car

Scuderia Ferrari F1 Dissatisfied with 2020 Car


According to the latest rumours, Scuderia Ferrari may have to prepare for another disappointing season. Prominent Ferrari blogger Leo Turrini reported that in spite of significant improvements, the road for Ferrari F1 was far from smooth. He reported that the early figures were not so positive, nor were they up to Ferrari’s standards

2020 will be the final year that the F1 teams operate under the current regulations. Now it seems that the 2020 car is not much quicker than its 2019 predecessor. With the stagnation in the regulations, it is all the more important for teams to focus on issues that plagued them last year.

The Ferrari SF90 had its fair share of problems in 2019, despite being the best car in terms of engine power. However, Mercedes won the aerodynamic battle and that gave them the advantage.

So, the Ferrari F1 team have been working hard to rectify this and win back their advantage. Reportedly, the suspension and the front wing were the first things to be tweaked.

In spite of passing the first simulator and wind tunnel tests, the Maranello outfit is not completely satisfied with their progress. According to Turrini, sources revealed that the Ferrari engineers were not too thrilled by the initial data.

“It seemed to me that the feedback from the simulator and wind tunnel tests did not make the Ferrari engineers faint. But there is still time, this should not be forgotten. I am not pessimistic, but at the end of 2019, which is not a small number. As the rules do not change, prediction is inevitable. But let’s wait for the end,” he wrote.

Admittedly, 2019 was a different story, with Ferrari in high spirits but their egos were deflated very quickly. Although they were quick in pre-season testing, reality slapped them in the face in the opening race.

What did not help matters was the intra-team rivalry brewing between Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc.

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