Sebastian Vettel Accepts Blame for Verstappen Crash and Apologises

July 14, 2019 9:48 pm

In a frantic race in Silverstone, Sebastian Vettel was battling Max Verstappen when it went horribly wrong. The German driver had been overtaken around the outside, in a brilliant move by Verstappen. Immediately, Sebastian Vettel tried to fight back as expected of any driver who has just been overtaken.

Unfortunately, he misjudged his braking, locked up and careened into the back of the Red Bull. Both drivers spun out of control into the gravel and struggled to get back into the race. Finally, Verstappen was able to finish in 5th, behind the Mercedes duo, Charles LeClerc and Pierre Gasly.

Afterwards, on his radio, Sebastian Vettel sheepishly said, “Okay guys, sorry for that. I tried to get on the inside but then he seemed to have moved again. But in the end it was my mistake, so sorry for that”

When the race wrapped out, Vettel went up to Verstappen and apologised for his actions. Speaking to the press, Verstappen confessed, “I don’t know how I brought that car to the finish. The power steering failed, my seat was out. When I jumped out of the car the whole floor and the rear was destroyed. I’m so happy to finish 5th.”

Meanwhile, 2009 World champion, Jenson Button dubbed it as one of the best British Grands Prix, he had ever seen. It was a reflection on the Red Bull vs Ferrari battle and even the Hamilton vs Bottas face-off.

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