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Is Sebastian Vettel’s Brother Also Planning To Get Into F1?

Is Sebastian Vettel’s Brother Also Planning To Get Into F1?

Sebastian Vettel

Ralf and Michael! Giles and Jacques! Graham and Damon.

Just consider the names for a second.

Some of the finest names in the top echelons of motor-racing may seem like some expensive art-decor brand or a premier luxury saloon car-name or something of that sort for the less informed. Right?

But like Shakespeare said what’s in a name, perhaps its time that we dispensed with silly euphemisms and sobriquets, and focused where the heart of the matter lies.

To that end, among the most famous F1 surnames on the grid at present- how seriously would you take Sebastian Vettel– at this point in time? Furthermore, what if you were told that his brother- heck, does he even have one who’s perhaps up for racing as some of us might instantly ponder- was up next in F1 racing?

Here’s the fact of the matter. Hitherto less-known Fabian Vettel- how often have you heard the name- just recently played down reports of him in a Formula 1 car, as suggested and supposed by a few pundits and rumor-mongers.

While surely the idea that one could soon have Sebastian Vettel in one car while his brother in another may sound instantly arresting, truth certainly is that Fabian Vettel is not going to be seen up against four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel in an F1 car anytime soon.

Why? Because the 20-year-old Heppenheim-born driver is currently competing at the ADAC GT Masters, the famous grand tourer-based auto racing series.

Of course, it’s worthwhile to know that the touring car racing series first began way back in 2007 and at present, boasts of 20 teams and 64 drivers, in the current season.

A South African journal happened to share the following in regards to Vettel Jr.’ future or impending F1 plans:

“I can say no.  I would have to be in another kind of series to make my way in that direction,” he told DPA news agency.

“You never know where it’s going, but at the moment I’m still quite new to all of this so I have to do my own thing,” stated Fabian Vettel.

The above told, sadly for those who would’ve imagined the exciting prospect of watching Sebastian Vettel go wheel-to-wheel against a much younger opponent, albeit a familiar one.

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